Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Loneliness Hit Me

For a week I will be in this situation ... grrr. Be patient Rhid ... only a week you will feel lonely. What should I do for fill up my bored mood in a week ? shopping ? erm ... hang out with my friends ? Of course it will not be happen ... I don't have enough money for this time .... Hope someone can made my week with full of memories. And seriously I really miss having a good time with my friends .. we go to the gig,hang out,share the problems and travel :) fuhhh .. I really miss you guys ... What I am doing in my house for this time ? I'm watching the television,movie,eat,online my facebook acc and giving the frieskies to my cat. What a boring day yaww .... =='

kuning :)

putih si manja ku :)