Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dance Punk Party !

The Dance Punk Party is the brainchild of one Jarrod Sio, who wants nothing more than to dance at gigs. He invites Malaysian bands which are unabashedly post-punk/nu-rave/nu-disco/dance-punk and sets em loose on the unsuspecting public once every three months or so.

The bands themselves run the gamut of established, mostly obscure, mostly amateur, to seasoned acts: Some had never before performed publicly onstage. These acts do share two common traits, however: they ply DANCEY music…and they’re Interesting.

The people who come are mostly there to dance, simple as that. The feet don’t lie, people. Examples of bands which have brought us much joy:

Tenderfist, Partimelovers, Zeue, Free Deserters, THe Otherside Orchestra, Love/Comes, M.O.I.S.T, The Fridays, enrai, Xes Xes Loveseat, The Dramatic, Walther etc

Revellers usually come with rave paraphenalia in tow: glow sticks, neon kicks, lazer strobe lights, and very low inhibition. Check the pics. You’ll see what a spanking good time they have.

Contact us for details. If you’d like to inform us of the next cool post-punk/disco-punk band, or even better, have one yourself, don’t hesitate. Tell us. We await such news with bated breath.

and here DPP facebook page